Participate in MayDay

It takes a whole village - and then some - to put together a MayDay Parade and Festival. If you want to plan, brainstorm, organize, fundraise, give money and/or supplies, sculpt, sew, papier-mâché, staple, build, paint, cook food, usher, clean up, sing songs, play music, or dance please join us!

Ways to Participate:

  • MayDay Public Workshops - Help build the puppets for the parade!
    Workshops are free and open to the public. During the month of April, our building is transformed into a giant studio where staff artists and volunteers create the MayDay Parade.
  • Perform in the MayDay Ceremony - Sign up at the MayDay Workshops to be a part of the annual MayDay Ceremony. Many roles, all ages.
  • Donate Materials - Keep an eye on our materials wish list.
  • Volunteer - The annual MayDay Parade & Festival draws up to 50,000 people and couldn't happen without community involvement and volunteer help! HOBT produces this event with only a small core staff and about 160 volunteers. Your help is needed, especially on the day of the event.
  • Donate Dollars - We need support to produce this one-of-a-kind community event. You can donate online, or by sending this donation form through the mail.
  • Join the Join-In Section in the MayDay Parade, a section immediately following the main theme sections of the parade. Thousands of people will line the one-mile parade route so if you have a cause you want others to know about this is the place to strut your stuff. You can still be in the MayDay Parade Community Join in section! Contact Brie at
  • Host an Information Table - Hosting an information table at the MayDay Festival is an excellent way for an organization to raise public awareness about various issues, interests and causes.
Making a Car at the MayDay Workshop Workshop Scene at In the Heart of the Beast's MayDay Workshop